• Why doesn’t your office offer silver (amalgam) fillings?

    When we restore teeth, we put strength, longevity, and aesthetics first. Advancements in technology and materials have made silver mercury fillings a thing of the past.  We conserve tooth structure by using bonding technology which strengthens tooth structure, instead of weakening it like silver amalgam does. This limits the need for crowns or caps.

    Why might I need an X-ray?

    X-rays may help the dentist detect several conditions: 

    • Tooth decay between teeth or below existing fillings
    • Infections like dental abscesses or cysts
    • Impacted teeth
    • The extent of periodontal (gum) decay
    • Some types of tumors
    • The effects of trauma
    • Developmental abnormalities like extra teeth or teeth that never developed

    What type of X-rays does your office use?

    Our office uses digital dental X-ray images.  With this approach there is less exposure to radiation. The digital x-rays are quickly shown on a computer screen with little wait time. Digital x-rays are environmentally friendly since they do not require any film or the chemicals to process it.    In addition to the routine “bitewings,” our office is equipped with a 3-D panoramic x-ray which is akin to a “mini-CAT scan.”

    Does your office accept my insurance or do I have to pay each visit?

    We gladly file your insurance claims so you can be reimbursed the maximum benefit from your particular dental plan.  However, we do ask for full payment the day of service.

    If you have a treatment plan consisting of major restorations, we will file a pretreatment determination of benefits from your plan.  With such a certificate, we only ask for the uncovered amount during your visit. 

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Care Credit, personal checks, or cash for payment of services rendered.

    Do you file the insurance?

    We file your insurance on the day of your visit.  Most patients receive their payments within  2-3 weeks.  We will gladly contact your insurance company if you fail to receive payment in a timely manner

    As a new patient, will my teeth be cleaned my first visit?

    We attempt to bring you in our office as a new patient with a comprehensive oral exam, cleaning, and x-rays.  However, if you have an emergency dental need, we will be happy to provide a limited oral evaluation along with the needed treatment as time allows.

    We may need to start you on an antibiotic prior to any major dental work.  We recommend a routine dental exam and cleaning every six months unless we detect periodontal disease.  With periodontal disease there may be a need to have you return for cleanings more frequently (ie. every 3-4 months vs. 6 months) to keep your gums more healthy.

    Do you see children?

    Yes, it is recommended that at the age of 3 they begin seeing the dentist in an introductory-type visit (ie. counting teeth, riding the chair) to become familiar with the office.  Or they may watch their mother, father, or sibling during their visit.

    Will I see Dr. Skladany during my cleaning visit?

    Yes, after the hygienist has cleaned your teeth and obtained any necessary x-rays, the dentist will examine your teeth and review your x-rays with you.  He will discuss with you and your hygienist any findings.  If further treatment is needed, you will be given a copy of your treatment plan prior to you leaving.

    Is your office set-up for wheelchair bound patients?

    Yes. Our exam rooms and restrooms are both wheelchair accessible.

    Is there a fee if I miss my appointment?

    Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you.  Our policy requires a 24-hour cancellation notice to avoid an office service charge.

    How long has the dentist been in practice?

    Dr. Skladany has been in practice since 1995.  He moved from his first office at 92 Aviemore Drive, Pinehurst, N.C., to his newly constructed contemporary office (also designed by Dr. Skladany) in 2004.  This office is located at 10 Memorial Drive (directly across from Pinehurst Trace-located off 15-501).

    Are you accepting new patients?

    Yes, Dr. Skladany is happy to welcome new patients.  Emergency visits are also welcomed.

    When can I be seen?

    Our hours of operation include Monday through Thursday 8am to 12 noon and 1pm to 5pm.  You are able to leave a message after hours on our answering service.

    What if I need to change my appointment?

    We ask that you give us two working day notice (48 hours) in the event you need to change your appointment.  This allows us the opportunity to offer your reserved appointment to another person in need of dental services or with an emergency.